The solidarity contribution

The CSMPA provides the legal basis for payments to be made to the victims. In particular, it provides for what is known as a "solidarity contribution". This is intended as an acknowledgement of the injustice suffered by the victims, as well as being an expression of social solidarity.

If you were the victim of a measure or placement before 1981 and you would like to claim a solidarity contribution, you must complete an application (see link below) and submit it to the Federal Office of Justice by 31 March 2018 at the latest. You can get help with this from the cantonal contact points that have been set up for this purpose, or complete the application yourself with the aid of the Guide (see link below).

The first payments will take place in May 2018. It is important to know that not all of them will be made by this date. As indicated by the CSMPO, applications will be processed according to certain priorities (people who are seriously ill, are over 75 years or have received immediate help). Those priorities will also apply to the payment of the contributions of solidarity . 

You will find the most important information on the solidarity contribution and on the application procedure in the FDJP Delegate’s information leaflet on the solidarity contribution and in the Guide. The application form is also available in electronic form, so you can complete the application directly on screen instead of by hand (see links below).

You can also order hard copies of these documents from the Federal Office of Justice, the cantonal contact points or your local cantonal archives.

The cantonal contact points can send applications for the contribution by using the link below:

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