Designated institutes

Like METAS, designated institutes operate at the apex of the national metrology system. As the national metrology institute, METAS provides internationally recognised measurement units with the requisite degree of accuracy. It compares the measurement standards with those of other national metrology institutes or similar institutions at appropriate intervals. It conducts the requisite scientific and technical investigations and development work for the upkeep of the national measurement basis.

In areas where METAS does not operate directly, it may call upon the services of designated institutes for these tasks. This is done as per clear-cut criteria.These designated institutes serve to complement METAS, thus enabling efficient utilisation of the available national resources. Like METAS, the designated institutes attest to their metrological expertise within the framework of the CIPM MRA. This international agreement enables the mutual recognition of national standards and corresponding calibration certificates.

Designated institutes of METAS

Last modification 15.04.2020

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