Bills adopted

  • Revision of company and accounting legislation

    In force since 1 January 2013.

  • Hague Securities Convention

    Ratification of the Convention of the Hague Securities Convention. In force since 1 Octobre 2009 respectively 1 January 2010.

  • Audit

    A comprehensive revision of Switzerland's audit legislation. In force since 1 January 2008.

  • Trust

    Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and their recognition. In force since 1 July 2007.

  • Merger Act

    Federal Law on Merger, Demerger, Conversion and Transfer of Assets and Liabilities. In force since 1 July 2004.

  • Federal Law on Consumer Credit

    In force since 1 January 2003.

  • Commercial accounting

    This revision of the law has eliminated legal uncertainty and questions of interpretation that have come about owing to the increasing conduct of business by electronic means, especially e-mail. In force since 1 June 2002.


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Last modification 25.11.2014

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