Readmission agreements


A readmission agreement formalises the process for establishing the identity of a person who is subject to a removal order and guarantees that plans can be made for their secure return to their country of origin. The agreement regulates the requirements and procedures for establishing the identity of the person concerned, for issuing acceptable travel documents and the readmission procedure. A readmission agreement thus provides a binding framework under international law for cooperation between Switzerland and the country of origin concerned in relation to readmission. In addition, the data protection provisions in the readmission agreement ensure that the data protection interests of the person concerned are taken into account.

Coherence with EU readmission policy

The Swiss policy of signing readmission agreements with countries of origin or transit is in line with the policy of the EU and its Member States, which conclude readmission agreements or include return clauses in association and cooperation agreements with many countries in order to deal with irregular migration more effectively.

International law

The principle of readmission of one’s own citizens is recognised under international treaty practice and, due to an existing legal consensus and corresponding State practice, is also accepted as a principle of customary international law.

This obligation has been substantiated in recent years in established and widespread practices, resulting in many agreements and declarations.

Signed agreements

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