Apply for a passport and/or identity card

The Swiss passport
(Photo: Keystone/Christian Beutler)

You can apply to your local cantonal authorities for a passport and identity card (together or separately) either online, by telephone or at your local passport office.

If you require an identity card only, you can sometimes apply at your local communal authorities or at the passport office, depending on the canton. .

Photo of the Swiss Passport
Photo of the Swiss Passport


Some cantons allow you to bring your own photo, either on photographic paper or on a USB stick.
However, there is no reduction in the price or reimbursement for costs.
(This document is not available in English) 

If you apply for an identity card from the communal authorities, you need a passport photo on photographic paper that meets the photo template requirements. Some communes accept a digital photo or take one on the premises. Ask your communal authority for details.
Photo template (PDF, 1 MB, 18.08.2014)
(This document is not available in English) 

Special provisions for children, minors and applicants in the care of a guardian

The legal guardian must apply for docu-ments for minors. Children, from birth up to the age of 18, must have their own identity document. There must be no doubt about the identity of your child from the photograph.   

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