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The Federal Office of Justice FOJ provides legal information to private individuals only on matters which fall within its area of responsibility. Specifically, these include international child abductions, international protection for minors and adults, the international collection of spousal and other support payments, as well as requests for the service of documents and the gathering of evidence. In such cases, the Private International Law Unit takes on the role of a central authority. The International Legal Assistance Division also provides information to private individuals in connection with cross-border cooperation between Swiss and foreign criminal prosecution authorities, for example with regard to summonses. Questions on legal matters which do not fall within the responsibility of the FOJ will not be answered. Private individuals may obtain legal information via the legal advice help desks of the Swiss Bar Association's cantonal branches. A fee may be charged. Many communal authorities also offer a legal advice service.

When sending confidential and non-anonymised information, please use our facility for sending legal documents online.


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