Negotiations between Switzerland and the EU on Swiss participation in the IT Agency

Press Release, FOJ, 19.11.2012

Bern. In Brussels today Switzerland's participation in the European Agency for the operational management of information systems on a large scale (IT Agency) was discussed in a round of negotiations. The participants were the other States associated to Schengen and Dublin, Norway Liechtenstein and Iceland on the one hand and on the other representatives of the European Commission.

The negotiations should make it possible to define the modalities of the participation of the associated States in the IT Agency. After a first meeting on 10 October 2012 which established a list of questions to negotiate, this round focused on the main points to be resolved, i.e. financial questions and the precise nature of the right to vote of the associated States.

The Swiss delegation was headed by representatives of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) and the Integration Office FDFA/FDEA. The EU delegation was headed by the General Directorate of Internal Affairs.

The EU regulations concerning the establishment of the IT Agency are a development of the Schengen acquis and the new measures connected with Dublin/Eurodac. The task of the IT Agency will be the operational management of the visa information system (VIS), the Eurodac database and subsequently of the second generation of the Schengen information system (SIS II). The aim is to ensure that the authorized services have round-the-clock access to these systems and that the data exchange works perfectly. The start of the IT-Agency is expected for 1 December 2012.

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