FoJ ruling on the extradition of Tomas Pitr to the Czech Republic

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Press Release, FOJ, 17.12.2010

Berne. The Federal Office of Justice (FoJ), as the court of first instance, has approved the extradition of Tomas Pitr to the Czech Republic. The Czech citizen has 30 days in which to appeal to the Swiss Federal Criminal Court against the FoJ's ruling.

Tomas Pitr was arrested in St. Moritz on 27 July 2010 and has since been in custody pending extradition. Supported by two court judgments, on 6 August the Czech authorities requested Pitr's extradition so that he could serve a custodial sentence totalling six years. In its extradition ruling, the FoJ concluded that all of the conditions for extradition are fulfilled. Specifically, the white-collar and tax offences set out in the extradition request are also punishable under Swiss law (the principle of dual criminality).

The FoJ's extradition ruling is not yet legally enforceable. Tomas Pitr still has 30 days in which to lodge an appeal with the Federal Criminal Court. An appeal against the Federal Criminal Court ruling may be brought before the Federal Supreme Court.

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