Polanski under house arrest in Gstaad

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Press Release, FOJ, 04.12.2009

Bern. Roman Polanski was today released from custody pending extradition and transferred to Gstaad, where he is under house arrest at his chalet. Polanski has undertaken not to leave his house and property at any time.

The alternative measures ordered by the Federal Criminal Court were in place before Polanksi was released from custody. Polanski has transferred bail of CHF 4.5 million, and deposited all identification and travel documents with the Zurich cantonal police. His house has also been fitted with an electronic monitoring system that is now active. The permanent electronic tagging technology will trigger an alarm if Polanski leaves the house or removes the tagging bracelet. Should Polanski violate the terms of his release, bail will be forfeited to the Swiss Confederation.

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