Attack on AMIA centre: no accounts found in Geneva

Judicial assistance dossiers handed over to Argentinian embassy

Press Release, FOJ, 13.07.2004

Bern, 13.07.2004. In the Menem case, investigations in Geneva have not revealed any accounts related to the bomb attack on the Jewish AMIA centre in Buenos Aires. These are the findings contained in the judicial assistance dossiers that were handed over to the Argentinian Embassy in Bern today.

The Argentinian authorities are pursuing a variety of leads in their investigations in connection with the 1994 bomb attack on the Jewish AMIA centre in Buenos Aires that left 86 dead and hundreds injured. According to one lead, representatives of Iran are thought to have transferred USD 10 million to a bank account in Geneva belonging to Carlos Menem. In return, it is thought, the then President declared that there was no proof that Iran was responsible for the attack. The Argentinian authorities thus asked Switzerland to investigate whether or not accounts held by Menem and by representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran existed or had existed with a Geneva bank named by a witness. Argentina also requested the transfer of any bank documentation.

Bank identified, but no accounts found

The Geneva Examining Magistrate charged with the execution of the Argentinian request for judicial assistance invited the witness to Geneva three times, without success. The witness was nonetheless questioned in Germany under mutual judicial assistance arrangements. His statements led to the identification of a bank in Geneva. Neither investigations at this bank nor further enquiries succeeded in tracing accounts held by Menem and other persons named in the request for judicial assistance. The competent Swiss authorities are prepared to pursue investigations further at any time should new evidence come to light.

Documents handed over in illegal arms export case

Progress has also been achieved in the judicial assistance proceedings concerning illegal arms exports to Ecuador and Croatia. Thanks to clarifications provided at the meeting with Argentinian judges in Switzerland, as well as additional information from Argentina, further documents could be handed over to the Argentinian Embassy in mid-May.

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