Switzerland and the USA to share further confiscated drug monies

Conclusive sharing in the Arana de Nasser case

Press Release, FOJ, 10.07.2002

Berne, 10th July 2002. Switzerland and the USA have confiscated, and shared between them, further drug monies in the amount of USD 4.7 million in the Arana de Nasser case, in which the two countries have thus confiscated, and halved between them, a total of USD 18 million thanks to successful cooperation in a mutual judicial assistance proceeding both internationally and inside Switzerland.

In late June 2002, on the basis of a US confiscation order, the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) ordered the transfer of half of the USD 4.7 million drug monies confiscated in Zurich to the USA. As in previous sharings in the Arana de Nasser case, the two countries agreed to halve the confiscated monies between them. The Swiss half was distributed among the authorities that had been involved in the confiscation proceeding: the Cantons of Zurich and Vaud received 40% each, whilst 20% went to the Confederation. These assets derived from the drug trade which members of the criminal association Arana de Nasser had plied between Colombia and the USA.

This "supplementary sharing" constituted the continuation of the big sharing of 1998, when Switzerland and the USA shared USD 150 million in a handover of objects and assets.

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