Swiss request to Mexico to take over prosecution in the Salinas case

105 million USD to remain blocked in Switzerland

Press Release, FOJ, 10.06.2002

Berne/Mexico City, 10 June 2002. On behalf of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), the Swiss Embassy in Mexico City today requested the Mexican authorities to take over prosecution in the criminal proceeding conducted in Switzerland against Raul Salinas on account of money laundering.

On completing their investigation against Raul Salinas, the Genevan judicial authorities asked the FOJ to request the Mexican authorities to take over prosecution in this case. In particular, they based this request on the need for further investigations to be carried out in order to clarify the origins of the assets blocked in Switzerland beyond any doubt and the fact that these investigations would have to be conducted in Mexico. The records of the investigation (some 300 files) are still in Geneva. They will be handed over to the Mexican authorities as soon as they have given their consent to continue the case.

The assets of 105 million USD that have been frozen in Zurich and Geneva will remain blocked. The Mexican authorities may demand the delivery of these assets on the basis of the final and executable forfeiture order.

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